Here you will find a carefully curated collection of Two Bit Rush Coffee Roasters Single Origin Reserve Coffees. These coffees are all 100% Arabica and categorized as "Specialty Grade," meaning these beans are in the top 15% of the world's coffee crop.

These Single Origin Reserve Coffees all have a minimum cupping score of 80, and are typically from small farmers who are overlooked by bigger market makers. Most are in limited supply, and therefore the selection here will change from time-to-time.

We offer these coffees as whole bean only in order to do them justice in your cup. These reserve coffees are roasted when you order. We do not roast any of these coffees ahead of time nor store them before shipping.

These coffees are micro-batch air roasted and shipped within 24-hours of your order. This ensures they will arrive just as they are completing the CO2 outgassing process and will be just at the beginning of their peak consumption window of 5 - 14-days.