Brazil Santos

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A fantastic example of Brazilian Santos emphasizing beautiful cocoa notes and great body and medium acidity. Our medium roast makes this makes a beautiful dinner coffee, but it is just plain great anytime.

Certification/Grading: Natural

Roast: Medium

Two Bit Rush Coffee roast level indicator showing a medium roast coffee

Tasting Profile: Elegant, smooth cup with cocoa notes.

Grower: Fazenda Santa Barbara, Sao Francisco, Santo Antonio

Variety: Catuai and Mundo Novo

Region: Parana and Sao Paulo Brazil

Altitude: 750-1050 M

Soil Type: Volcanic Loam

Process: Pulped natural and dried in the Sun

Customer Reviews

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Bright and sassy...

This is a great example of Brazilian Santos. It definitely has the cocoa notes and good body as advertised. There is a good bit of acidity here which adds a pronounced citrus overtone to the cup, but it is not bitter. A great medium roast... thankful it is not too dark and over-roasted like some Brazilian Santos I have had. Really enjoyed this and will order again.